About Us


Est. 2006 in Gujarat, India. Under the Vision of our mentors have gained recognition in the field of manufacturing and exporting high-quality goods in lab grown diamonds.
Our products are acknowledged for the feature like Fascinating look, stunning cut, brilliant sparkle and precise polishing.

We export to various retailers, wholesalers, and importers around the globe. We export at more than 30+ countries with 5000+ satisfied customers. Our vision is to become the leader in the diamond industry without losing focus and integrity of our company

Lab stone is India's leading lab grown diamonds producer, offering global support and the best costs on quality diamonds and jewels.

Quality You Can Trust
We use latest cutting-edge technology to make quality diamonds and jewels with a similar physical, chemical, and optical properties as normal precious stones. Our diamonds are ensured by top worldwide research facilities and accompany a full money-back guarantee.

Designs the Inspire
Our accomplished designer can create lab grown diamonds into any plan you can envision. We offer a great many styles, from classic and traditional to modern and inventive. Settle on your decision from our signature collection or have us create a hand craft design for you!

Reasonable Luxury
Lab grown diamonds offer exceptional value for money. With Lab Stone, you get top notch diamonds and jewelry at amazing costs, so you can enjoy luxury without burning through every last dollar.

Compassion for the Climate
At Lab Stone, we believe in making amazing Diamond and Jewelry responsibly. Our commitment to sustainable practices means that our items have no negative environment effect - so you can feel better about your purchase!